Day 3: reflections

I realised at some point today, probably after lunch, that the most important thing for a successful conference is conviviality, because that leads to sharing and that leads to delegates being prepared to give themselves over to that. But even before that, I´d say that an important component is good food … which leads to the conviviality. And I hope you´ll agree that we got that important component in place.

There are too many highlights of today to be able to give them justice. But what seemed to come through strongly was the positive result of mixing things up. So, for example, a session that included Palestinian (Zeina Maasri), Portugese (Maria Helena Ferreira Braga Barbosa, Anna Calvera, Vasco Alfonso da Silva Branco) and Cuban posters (Claudio Leonardo Sotolongo Menendez) produced a fantastic discussion on the flows of ideas and images between graphic designers in the 1960s and 70s.

The two panel discussions toward the end of the day are tribute to the stamina of delegates. Both the one on Legacies of Anti- and Radical Design and the one on Design Futures and Design Activism saw engaged, precise and energetic debate. My thanks to Alison Clarke and Paul Mickelthwaite for chairing these and the panel members on each.

Both these also suggested that we should be thinking about publishing outcomes beyond the conference. We invite speakers to submit papers that we shall put on the conference website as a record. But I think we can go further to edited books or special journal editions. Volunteer editors, please step forward….

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