Are we there yet?

…nearly there, yes…

We have nearly 200 signed-up for the conference. The final version of the conference programme has gone to print. Thanks to Sebastia Duatis who has designed the book of abstracts. It is a thing of beauty.

As always, we had to make a few small changes to the paper session programme as just 2 or 3 speakers have found that they can’t attend, after all. It is nonetheless very encouraging that, given these challenging economic times, so few have actually pulled out.

You might think that I’ve got better things to do, and you’d be right. But I’ve just counted the number of e.mails that have passed between Isabel Campi, the conference chair, and myself during the past month with regards to conference organisation. The grand total is 109.


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3 Responses to Are we there yet?

  1. oliver vodeb says:

    hi, first congratulations for this conference. i wont be able to attent, but iam wondering how can i get the book of abstracts? and also, will there be a publication with full papers?

    thank you and good luck with the organisation, oliver vodeb

    • Many thanks for your encouraging comments Oliver. We hope to get the book of abstracts available on the conference website after the conference. We have invited all speakers to submit their papers for publcation on the conference website as well to be made available by Creative Commons. These will appear un-edited.

  2. oliver vodeb says:

    thats great! thank you. oliver

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