Exhibition — Premis Delta, 50 anys amb el Disseny

Viviana Narotzky, President of ADIFAD (hosts and sponsors of the conference), curator, writer, board member of FHD and a million other things has also curated, with Uli Marchsteiner, an exhibition that surveys 50 years of ADIFAD’s design prize, the Premis Delta. This exhibition can be seen during the conference at the Palau Robert (top end of the Paseo de Gracia on the left).

For aficionados of Spanish design it is a ‘must see’. Not only does the exhibition provide a survey of developing styles, it also provides an fascinating view into the shifting discourses of design in relation to the enormous political and economic changes experienced in Spain between 1960 and 2010. When I saw it I was particularly thrilled by the video clips of 1960s Spanish advertising as well as a great film of the 1971 ICSID conference in Ibiza, featuring its famous inflatable ‘Instant City’ and Jean Baudrillard holding court.


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