Design as Politics, Special Colloquium – Saturday 10 September

“Design as Politics”: A colloquium around Design, Ethics, Politics and Sustainability

The publication of Tony Fry’s Design as Politics (Berg, 2011) with its provocative argument that sustainment cannot be achieved through democratic politics, provides an occasion to discuss and debate not the “politics of design” or “politics and design” but design as a political procedure (and therefore conversely, politics as a designing procedure). Fry’s text has arguably raised the bar on the theorization of design and politics and the relation of both to sustainment. In the spirit of critical argument and dissent this colloquium is intended as a space to push this debate further. In what ways can we understand the capacities and limits of design as politics. Conversely, to what extent is it legitimate to consider politics as a designing procedure?

How are notions of history, ethics, politics and design changed by the challenges of dealing with the unsustainable in the context of a world become artificial? 

This colloquium will take place on the morning of Saturday 10 September at FAD.

Panel members will include:-

Damien White, Rhode Island School of Design

Karen Pinkus, Cornell University

Cameron Tonkinwise, Parsons School of Design, New York

Chair: Clive Dilnot, Parsons School of Design, New York

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