Registration now open

In case you hadn’t noticed already, registration is now open on the conference website. Join up and we’ll see you in Barcelona!

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2 Responses to Registration now open

  1. Fabio says:

    Find it very surprising that the price for attending is so incredibly high. Wondering what kind of public this event will attract, as I can imagine that designers who try to have an activist approach in their practice and want to provoke social change — and therefore have to deal with precarity incomparably more than designers who work in an affirmative way — will probably be excluded from the event, although they would probably be the ones who would get the most out of it.

    • Thanks for your comment, Fabio. The registration fees are comparable to past Design History Society conferences — despite rising costs — and certainly lower than most other academic conferences.

      The conference costs — and hence the registration fees — are kept to a minimum through an enormous amount of ‘in kind’ support from the Fundacio Historia del Disseny, ADIFAD and the Design History Society and the conference’s Scientific Committee who all give their time and resources for free. Nonetheless, there are lots of normal, fixed costs that have to be covered. These include the cost of rooms of the host venues, technical support, conference personnel, web design, print and many other organisational expenditures.

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