Conference visits

Here are some details of planned tours for conference delegates.

Wednesday 7 september morning

Tour 1. The MNACTEC- National Museum of Science and Tecnology of Catalonia in Terrassa (by train).
Time 10:00h- 14.00h- Departure from FAD headquarters: Plaça dels Àngels, 5-6. Price 20 €

Visiting the steam machine, the reproduction of a catalan textile factory, as well as the warehouses and restoration workshops. The museum collects thousands of industrial products and is located in an art nouveau factory very well preserved. Terrassa is a typical ex-industrial city, an hour from Barcelona. Transport by local train from Barcelona City Center.

Tour 2. Poster collection of the Spanish Civil War. Pabelló de laRepública, Universitat de Barcelona (by metro).
Time 11:00h- 14:00h Departure from FAD headquarters: Plaça dels Ângels, 5-6. Price 15 €

The University of Barcelona owns more than thousand posters designed and printed during the Spanish Civil War. The collection will be shown by specialists in graphic design. This collection is kept in a building that is the exact replica of the Spanish Pavilion shown at the París 1937 exhibition after the onset of the Spanish Civil War. The Pavilion is located in the North of Barcelona. Transport by underground.

 Tour 3. Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA) Museum of Parallel Narratives. In the framework of L’Internationale.
Time 12:00-14.00- Departure from FAD headquarters: Plaça dels Àngels, 5-6. Price 10 €

 L’Internationale is a long-term cooperative initiative launched by five European museums and artist’s archives whose combined holdings total more than 40,000 works:

•Museu d’Art Contemporani deBarcelona(MACBA)
•Moderna Galerija ofLjubljana(Slovenia)
•Július Koller Society (SJK) ofBratislava(Slovakia)
•Van Abbemuseum (VAM) deEindhoven(Netherlands)
•Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst (M HKA),Antwerp(Belgium)

This transnational platform was set up in order to share the collections of its five member institutions in order to collectively challenge the dominant narratives in art history and the common canons that have been established for western art and to question the phenomena of inclusion and exclusion that take place within the unified territory ofEurope. To this end, the partners will each present different exhibitions devoted to the development and reception of postwar art with the aim of generating awareness about the real construction of time through the works, about concepts of the place, identity and the political and economic context. L’Internationale also seeks to encourage the formulation of a new vocabulary and a new chronology to rewrite the history of contemporary art from contexts outside those established by common canons.

The project has its own website 

Saturday 10 september afternoon

Tour 4: Anarchism in Barcelona (by coach).
Time: 15.00h-18.30h- Departure from FAD headquarters: Plaça dels Àngels, 5-6. Price 45 €

Since the Industrial Revolution and until the thirties Barcelona was an important center of the anarchist movement. Many anarchist outbursts took place in 1909 and during the Civil War. Organised by Turisme Tàctic. The tour lasts 3,5 hours and will show the places of these events with commentary and on-bus video explanations. Transport by coach from the City Center.

Tour 5: Cabinet Collector’s Museu Marès (on foot)

Time: 15.00h-17.30h- Departure from FAD headquarters: Plaça del Àngels, 5-6. Price 10 €

Visiting the Collector’s Cabinet or Sentimental Museum that gathers 50.000 objects of many kinds, collected by Frederic Marès: fans, boxes, ephemera, watches, botons, buckles, etc. all shown in an intimate atmosphere that reproduces the a fascinating collector’s world. Located near the cathedral.,4737,695019883_697119766_3,00.html

Tour 6: Catalonia National Museum of Art MNAC (by metro)
Time: 15.00h-18.00h. Departure from FAD headquarters: Plaça del Angels, 5-6. Price 20 €

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