Strands, panels, events.

Guy Julier, Anna Calvera, Oriol Pibernat, Isabel Campi and Raquel Pelta, conference planning meeting, 7 December 2010

Whilst conferences are important opportunities for scholars to publicize their research and get feedback on it, we also believe that they should provide platforms for debate and discussion. Therefore, in addition to the usual set of conference strands, we shall also be staging some panel discussions. I’m currently meeting and talking with various people who were coming to the conference in any case in order to set this up.

Isabel Campi and I held a Skype chat about this and other things on Wednesday. Unfortunately I was to discover that Skype doesn’t work on my steam-powered netbook too well. Nonetheless, we were able to get a sense of the number of rooms we’ll need for the strands and panels. At one end of conference organisation we’ve got the big conceptual questions as to what ‘shape’ it should have. At the other we’re thinking about the number of seats different rooms have.

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