Six months to go…

In just over six months time, the DHS Annual Conference will be underway in Barcelona. This blog is to keep you informed of developments towards the conference and give you an opportunity to participate in discussions before, during and after the event.

The idea of situating this conference in Barcelona came in September 2010. Until then it was to take place in Leeds, following on from the 2009 Leeds Festival of Design Activism. However, the Design History Society Executive Commitee was happy for the conference convenor, Guy Julier (me!), to move it Barcelona. The conference host is the Fundacio Historia del Disseny. Its founder and chair, Isabel Campi, is coordinating conference organisation in Barcelona.

Six months on from then, I have had meetings in Barcelona with the FHD and in London with the DHS. There has also been a steady stream of e.mails and phone calls. The call for papers went out in November 2010. By the end of January we received abstract proposals — far in excess of the numbers we were expecting! And these came from all corners of the world. So we’re very excited.

Oriol Pibernat and Raquel Pelta discuss conference details, Barcelona, December 2011

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